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Our Mission

Sing Your English (SYE) inspires to develop children’s self-confidence by letting them sing and speak in English while having fun, and without the pressure of having to pass tests.
SYE is a Goducate extracurricular program for schools that uses songs, games and other fun activities to teach English. And is presently in Indonesia.

Our Core Values

Sing Your English aspires to be the top English programme, to achieve that these are the core values that we adhere to.
  1. Professionalism
  2. Excellence
  3. Trust

Our Vision

We envisioned an empowered community by transforming the children today with English speaking skills, good character and a changed life through education.


We offer unique learning experience to children to learn English in a fun and unique manner.
We use songs, games and fun activities to teach English to children.

Our Program

Phonics Adventure Class

SYE's learning-to-read program.
Learning English through English phonics introduce with animals that carries the letter sound, character stories and songs of letter sounds. phonics adventure has 42 sessions and 36 songs for the book.

Phonics Theme Song

Level 1 Class

Level 1 is a learning English "WORDS".
Book 1 is a learning - to - speak English program by learning English vocabularies one or two words at a time. Book 1 has 46 sessions and 26 songs with one or two words per song for mastery of keywords in each sessions.

Level 1 Theme Song

Level 2 Class

Level 2 is a learning English "SENTENCE".
Level 2 is a learning - to - speak English program by learning English vocabularies one sentence at a time. Book 2 has 35 sessions and 28 songs with already one sentence per song as the student also learns to Form the words into sentences.

Level 2 Theme Song

Level 3 Class

Level 3 is a learning English "few Sentences or a Paragraph".
Level 3 is a learning - to - speak English program by learning English vocabularies "words, sentences and paragraph" at a time. Book 3 has 33 sessions and 7 songs. The songs are now few sentences.

Level 3 Theme Song

Level Up Class

Developing English speaking skills and self - confidence through stage performance, literary English competition and fun workshops.

Level Up Theme Song


e-Talk is an English speaking program with easy, exciting, entertaining and enjoyable activities.

E-Talk Theme Song

SYE Camp

Sye CAMP program is an advance English class wherein students can speak English confidently, have no- stress English class and experience an English speaking community.

SYE Camp Theme Song

SYE Activity

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Why Choose us?

1. The longest distance seems to be between the mind and the mouth whenever learning a new language. So SYE uses songs curated by our team to teach useful English phrases to children. Not the traditional method of learning, we also incorporate games, songs, and activities into the program to ensure maximum education.

2. For effective learning, SYE online classes receive a maximum of 7 students per class.

3. With pandemic, which propel the team to do the program differently, we see the potential of using SYE Program to other nations through technology, and we use Zoom Meeting

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Rp 450.000,00

Available for TK - SMP
Detail Program
  1. 32x meetings
  2. 60 minutes/session
  3. twice a week
  4. 7 student/class
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